Awareness & Advocacy


There are numerous resources available to learn about epilepsy and find support. Click below to find links. And if you know of a resource to add to the list, contact me.

Online Advocates

Living Well with Epilepsy
Candlelight Concert for Epilepsy Awareness
Seizure the Day
Sazzle's Blog
Sandpaper Smiles
Epilepsy Talk
Epilepsy Alliance for Young Adults
Team Epilepsy
Epilepsy Illuminators


• Organization •
Epilepsy Foundation of America
Epilepsy Therapy Project
Epilepsy Advocate
CURE: Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy
FACES: Finding a Cure for Epilepsy
The Talk About It! Foundation
The Anita Kaufmann Foundation
The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation
The Epilepsy Network
Epilepsy U
Purple Day for Epilepsy
International Bureau for Epilepsy
Epilepsy Ireland
Epilepsy Scotland
Epilepsy Action
Epilepsy Research UK
Epilepsy Action Australia
Epilepsy Canada
The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia
BC Society for Epilepsy
The Center for Epilepsy and Seizure
Research in British Columbia